〇J-SUS Symbol

The J-SUS Symbol certifies that a document has been assured by a J-SUS-accredited assurance body. For details on how to use and apply the J-SUS Symbol, please contact the respective assurance body. (Click here for more information on the assurance bodies) 





<J-SUS Symbol> 

<Difference between J-SUS Symbol and the Registration Marks (Images are for illustration purposes.)>

The Registration Marks can be used by the management of companies that have prepared sustainability reports, etc. assured by J-SUS-accredited assurance bodies to meet the J-SUS’ standards of reliability. Currently, four types of marks are offered by scope of assurance: sustainability report, environmental report, GHG report and GHG report (in Japan only), each of which has its own set of criteria for granting the symbols.

〇Companies that meet the requirements of the J-SUS Symbol (excerpt)