〇Outline of the Assurance/Registration Scheme

Registration Marks 

The Assurance/Registration Scheme for Sustainability Information grants use of the marks (the Registration Mark for Sustainability Report  and the Registration Mark for Environmental Report) established by J-SUS to the management of companies that have prepared sustainability reports, etc. assured by J-SUS-accredited assurance bodies to meet the J-SUS’ standards for reliability. 

  • This scheme expands the scope of the Assurance/Registration Scheme of Environmental Reports, etc., which was operated by the Japanese Association of Assurance Organizations for Environmental Information (the predecessor of J-SUS), from environmental reports to sustainability reports.
  • In consideration of “Law concerning the Promotion of Business Activities with Environmental Consideration by Specified Corporations, etc., by Facilitating Access to Environmental Information, and Other Measures (April 1, 2005),” the Assurance/Registration scheme of Environmental Reports, etc. aimed to set assurance methodology for environmental reports, etc., to ensure fairness, transparency, independence and reliability of the assurance, as well as to realize efficient and effective assurance, thereby contributing to improving the reliability of environmental reports, etc. 

Under this scheme, assurance bodies and practitioners who conduct assurance engagements of sustainability reports, etc.  are accredited by J-SUS in accordance with the J-SUS’ rules and regulations.


The assurance body accredited by J-SUS will assure the environmental reports, etc. submitted by companies applying for this scheme, in accordance with the assurance procedures established by J-SUS.


If the assurance body determines that the reviewed sustainability report, etc. meets the J-SUS’ standards for reliability, it grants the management of the company that has prepared the report, etc. to use the mark (the Registration Mark for Sustainability Report  / the Registration Mark for Environmental Report) established by J-SUS, and applies for registration with J-SUS.


 Sustainability reports, etc.  that have completed the registration process as stipulated by the J-SUS will be posted on the J-SUS’ website.