〇Assurance practitioners

Assurance practitioners under this scheme are required to have ethical standards appropriate for a professional expert, specialized knowledge to understand the information that forms the basis of sustainability reports, etc., and assurance skills gained from practical experience.


The knowledge required for assurance practitioners includes:

  • General knowledge of business management
  • Knowledge of organizations’ management issues related to corporate social responsibility and how to address them
  • Knowledge of social, economic and environmental treaties as well as laws and regulations in Japan
  • Knowledge of economic, social and environmental issues and how to address those issues, regarding the sustainability of the global environment, human society and organizations
  • Knowledge of assurance, auditing and/or other verifications

Assurance practitioners are certified by meeting the J-SUS’ requirements, including qualifications and practical experience, after completing training on necessary knowledge (training for the assurance of sustainability reports, etc.) and examinations conducted by J-SUS.


The assurance practitioners are subject to verification to confirm they meet the requirements not only at the time of accreditation, but also periodically (every two years) after accreditation.